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Today I received a question about whether we are able to test the time vMotion between datastors. The requirements were simple. How much it will take to migrate 100 GB between disks in the same class.

A person who needs such information chose silver storage class.

Before starting the test, of course, we need to check which drives are what class, but this type of documents every administrator of virtual infrastructure should have.

Testing is quite simple, and in my case I need to migrate my test VM to the appropriate storage. I didn’t want to change the current configuration of the disks is why I decided to create another disc with the option Eager Zeroed.Disk

Another step that had to be done is disable rule which is responsible for the migration of virtual machine disks all together. This is done from the storage cluster.Cluster

Now it remained only pass the test on the advanced settings to select created before the disk and choose the right place to migrate.


In my case it took a relatively short time since less than 6 minutes.





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