I would like to share my feelings about the final exam, which I began less than a month ago. Specifically it was a very difficult exam VMware VCAP Data Center Administration 5.5


My path to prepare for this exam began quite unexpectedly, because I started from participating in training by VMware

  • VMware vSphere: Troubleshooting Workshop [V5.5]

Honestly training does not prepare too much for this kind of examination. However, it is very helpful and giving a broader view of situations that can meet every administrator working in this technology.

Honestly! A couple of situations I’ve experienced in the production.

There were also no mishaps, if you could call it. Thinking about the blunders I mean some of the scenarios prepared by the authors of the training. For example, one of the scenarios in the solution had to include service vCenter what I think at a certain level of knowledge should not be taken into account.

As for the materials of which I used:

Of course materials, but not without work on the living organism. I would not recommend anyone to approach this exam without the opportunity to test everything. Several times!

Of course, there are scenarios that can not be tested in a lab environment, unless someone has the ability to connect fiber 🙂

Due to the fact all that rehearsed a couple of times this caused that after a while a lot of things I’ve done very intuitively and with greater speed. Remember – time is important!

Day of the test:

To test center I had less than 3 hours away, so I went relatively early. In Poland, only one center had the opportunity to conduct this examination.

After arriving, I could not wait to finally start – I preferred to have it over with.

My biggest concern before the exam was that the questions will be written in a very obscure way, and I have to guess what the author had in mind 🙂

However, after the first question I calmed down and began to struggle with time. After the first pass through all the questions, on the sheet I selected 8 questions, which had to come back for various reasons.
It calmed me because it still had more than an hour of time.
At the end of the exam were only two questions, which do not set off because of lack of time and because of not understanding what exectly I had to do.

Of course, the exam does not appear at the end. The only thing I knew is that the information of the result will come to my email address within 15 days.

I did not have to wait so much – good news came after just 25 minutes.


Finally I would like all highly recommend this type of exam. It was the coolest exam, in which I took part – hopefully more of these.

What’s next ?

VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 — Data Center Virtualization Design

Choosing a higher version is due to two factors.

First-current certification version 5.5 is being retired by VMware.

The second – VCAP5-DCA + VCAP6-DCV = VMware Certified Design Expert Implementation 6 – Data Center Virtualization


🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂





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