Unable to access file since it is locked

Yesterday I met with the situation that during backup job of one of the server using Veeam B&R application, process was interrupted and removing of snapshot has not been done automatically.

Of course at this point as we wanted to get rid of an old snapshot, because delta files have already had more than 400GB , we started to remove it manually. The process went very quickly which resulted in the need to consolidate disks because the files have not been removed completely from the datastore.

To consolidate got the following message

Normally, in this kind of problem I perform Storage vMotion, then try to do it again, but in this case I could not, because the machine is so large, and the client’s environment does not have a place for it.

The solution was to restart backup job.

Veeam after creating a new snapshot and verifying the correctness has launched  mechanism called Veeam Snapshot Hunter, which was created in case of such problems.

Very good description of this feature can be found here.

The process is not fast, because in my case the repair of the previous backup took nearly 10h, repair consisted of removing the snapshot and consolidation.

After this process started again with the normal backup job.

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Pawel Drazkowski

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