The request failed because the remote server took too long to respond

If you receive a message from the vSphere concerning exceeding the response time.


First, I advise you to check the server where is located vCenter database. Speaking of checking, I mean how many free resources currently holds the machine. In my case, the problem, however, was in the same database engine, because during the installation of SQL. Server has been badly set to allocate not enough RAM, more precisely, it is a value that SQL can use to their operations.


After increasing this value has to change one more option related to the permissions, because if we want to be sure that the allocated memory is not swapping to the disk only held in RAM, we must edit the Local Security Policy and give the rights to allocate everything in the ram.

To do this we need to know the name of the account that runs SQL.


After checking account name, you must give it the appropriate permission.





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