The request failed because the remote server took too long to respond

Hey, If you receive a message from the vSphere concerning exceeding the response time. First, I advise you to check the server where is located vCenter database. Speaking of checking, I mean how many free resources currently holds the machine. In my case, the problem, however, was in the same database […]


Hey, I would like to share my feelings about the final exam, which I began less than a month ago. Specifically it was a very difficult exam VMware VCAP Data Center Administration 5.5 My path to prepare for this exam began quite unexpectedly, because I started from participating in training […]

vMotion time test

Hey, Today I received a question about whether we are able to test the time vMotion between datastors. The requirements were simple. How much it will take to migrate 100 GB between disks in the same class. A person who needs such information chose silver storage class. Before starting the […]

VMware Site Recovery Manager Licensing

Hi, In terms of reminders and put it to remember, I would like to raise the subject of licensing VMware Site Recovery Manager. In the previous week, the situation happened to me that I had to correct some settings in the environment and add virtual machines to the SRM. At […]