Mapping new blade server to internal SAN switch in DELL M1000e


Some time ago I set up a new DELL PowerEdge M630 blade server in to the M1000e. The server eventually had ESXi 5.5 installed, but for complete configuration I needed to be able to connect to the SAN.

After checking all the WWN addresses and confirming that they are not visible on the SAN switches, it was necessary to start mapping the new server because it was only done on busy slots.

Configuration is not difficult, I would rather say that it is a formality. Of course if we have a username and password 🙂


When you log on to the switch to verify the currently assigned servers to specific ports, use the following command

ag –mapshow



In my case, the first port (# 17) is currently connected to 6 servers, and the second one (# 18) only to 5 servers.

Based on this information I decided to add my server to the second port. The command that we can map is:

ag –mapadd <port_number> <blade_number>



To check, we call again the command ag –mapshow


As you can see the new blade has been added properly to port 18.

Important: Remember that the same operation must be performed on the other switch to maintain proper redundancy.




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