How to configure NPAR on DELL server

NIC Partitioning in short NPAR.

It is a technology that allows to divide traffic by virtual division of the existing ports. So in short, one port appears in several forms. One port can be divided up into four parts. Just remember that this option is only possible with 10GbE technology.

In my case, I have one card with two 10Gb ports.

To configure, go to the BIOS

Then we go to the settings specified port or ports.

We go to the Device Level Configuration

Set virtualization mode

Save the settings and go to the settings of bandwidth each virtual link.

They can be configured in two ways:

  • Set the maximum allowed bandwidth for a single link, as has been done in the picture below.

  • The second solution is a guaranteed bandwidth, taking into account current needs and future greater utilization. In other words, we set the minimum and maximum bandwidth.

After saving the settings and restarting the server, we can check if all the settings are visible in our server. In my case it was the ESXi host.


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