infraXstructure 2017

  W dniu wczorajszym w Warszawie odbyła się już trzecia edycja konferencji pod tytułem infraXstructure. Pierwszy raz brałem udział w tym wydarzeniu i szczerze mówiąc miałem mieszane uczucia po zapoznaniu się na kilka dni wcześniej z agendą i tematami, które będą poruszane przez poszczególnych prelegentów. Agenda została podzielona na trzy ścieżki, […]

Mapping new blade server to internal SAN switch in DELL M1000e

Hi, Some time ago I set up a new DELL PowerEdge M630 blade server in to the M1000e. The server eventually had ESXi 5.5 installed, but for complete configuration I needed to be able to connect to the SAN. After checking all the WWN addresses and confirming that they are not […]

How to configure NPAR on DELL server

NIC Partitioning in short NPAR. It is a technology that allows to divide traffic by virtual division of the existing ports. So in short, one port appears in several forms. One port can be divided up into four parts. Just remember that this option is only possible with 10GbE technology. […]

Unable to access file since it is locked

Yesterday I met with the situation that during backup job of one of the server using Veeam B&R application, process was interrupted and removing of snapshot has not been done automatically. Of course at this point as we wanted to get rid of an old snapshot, because delta files have already had more than […]

Storage vMotion error

Two days ago I encountered a problem when attempt to move server between datastors. The problem occurred at the beginning of the process when try to create a copy of disc on the second datastore. After checking the VM logs I found such entry As I could not turn off the […]

The problem with the certificate during Veeam backups

Hey, Recently I encountered a problem with the backup. In one of the customers backup is done using a Veeam solution. Short introduction in infrastructure will say only that the servers Veeam B & R combine with vCenter, and not, as in some cases directly to the ESXi hosts. Error that […]

Quick fix: Windows 2003 black screen VM

When you attempt to log on to a virtual machine running Windows Server 2003 gives us only a black screen with exclamation point icon indicating the problem. Of course, you can login using the same keyboard as you can not see places to enter a username or password. Settings responsible […]

ESXi host randomly losing pings

Hey, Recently, I conducted environmental upgrade from version 5.1 to version 5.5U2. After picking up versions of all components of vCenter came time to upgrade ESXi hosts. In my case it was carried out by using the Update Manager. All machines have been done within two days. The next step […]